Bachelor of Science

Emphasis in: Art Education

BS in Art Education leads to the bachelor’s degree and teacher certification. This degree is taken in cooperation with the School of Education.

Secondary (K–12)
(No minor required)

The Visual Arts Education degree, is offered in cooperation with the Department of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum, prepares you to teach art on both the elementary and secondary levels. The Visual Arts Education degree is a K–12 endorsement for secondary certification.


This degree can only be taken by those seeking teacher certification. Because teaching requires several type of certifications those that take this degree must complete the requirements for denominational and/or Michigan state teacher certification through the School of Education. You want these certifications because it prepares you to teach for both our Adventist schools and working in the public school systems.

Course Suggestions

Because it is a demanding degree we have found out that our majors are more successful by taking ART457, ART459, ART480 (courses in the Department of Visual Art & Design) after they have been accepted into the School of Education’s Teacher Preparation Program and have completed the Foundation courses.

Senior Exhibition

The BS in Visual Arts Education requirement includes the successful completion of a senior exhibition and a portfolio of the student’s work, this helps you have your artwork ready for seeking a job.

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