Envision magazine, a student-produced publication of Andrews University, won six awards from the Associated Church Press on Friday, May 1. Envision, which will publish its seventh annual issue this fall, is a joint product of the Department of Communication and the Department of Visual Art & Design. Focusing on inspirational and lifestyle content for the Christian university student, Envision is edited by journalism professor Debbie Michel and features the work of student writers, graphic designers and photographers.

The 2014 edition of Envision received the following distinctions:

General Excellence: Best In Class/Online: Digital Edition/Mobile Publication
Honorable Mention
Kenty Ramdatt

Reporting and Writing: Personal Experience/1st Person Account: Short Format
(1,200 words or fewer): Magazine/Journal
Honorable Mention
“Troubled Waters” by Emily Leffler

Art/Design/Graphics: Magazine Cover
Award Of Excellence
Fall 2014 cover by Brian Tagalog

Art/Design/Graphics: Magazine/Journal Design: Entire Issue
Award Of Merit
Fall issue 2014 by Amber Sarno, Arielle Pickett, Jonathon Wolfer and Diane Myers

Art/Design/Graphics: Single Photo w/Article Or Cutline: Magazine/Journal
Award Of Merit
Patrick Knighton by Brian Tagalog

Student Publications: General Excellence: All Media
Award Of Excellence
Debbie Michel, editor

“I’m delighted that these awards acknowledge the talents of our student writers, designers and photographers,” says Michel. “It validates and confirms that our students are ready to work alongside the best in the Christian publishing business.”

Envision has received recognition for its quality in higher circles at Andrews as well. “Envision magazine is a gem at Andrews University,” says Carey Carscallen, dean of the School of Architecture, Art & Design. “I am pleased to see its continued success.” Keith Mattingly, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, adds: “An award-winning magazine is a great credit to the Department of Communication and to the College of Arts & Sciences as a whole.”

In addition to the awards received by Envision, the Associated Church Press also gave an Award of Excellence for Non-fiction Books and an Award of Excellence for PR Videos to “Born Yesterday: The True Story of a Girl Born in the 20th Century but Raised in the 19th,” by Rachel Williams-Smith, chair of the Department of Communication.
For more on Envision, visit their website: www.andrews.edu/envision