An Art degree from Andrews will give you many opportunities to pursue your interest in art, including creating your own, teaching others, working in a museum or even using art as a tool for therapy.


Whether you’re interested in Graphic or Web Design, a degree from Andrews can give you the tools needed to become a dedicated and successful individual in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing field of design.


With a degree in Photography from Andrews University, you can develop your eye for great images and deepen your technical skills in the longest-running and best-equipped Adventist university program.

Documentary Film

Documentary Film, one of only a few undergraduate film programs of its kind in the U.S., has been specifically designed for students like you who wish to take on the role of a nonfiction storyteller and visual artist.

Jordan Field School 2016

May 11 – June 6, 2016 If you love exploring and learning about archaeology and art (past and present) outside the classroom, then you will love the country of Jordan. Join the Jordan Field School. ART304: Drawing II – Archaeological Illustration, 3 cr. ART380: Topics – The Art & Culture of Jordan, 3 cr. Taught by Art History professor Stefanie Elkins, PhD Candidate In addition, classes may be taken in Landscape Design, Architecture, Behavioral Sciences – Archaeology and Anthropology, History and Political Science, Relgion, and Honors! Sign up now to register for 6 credits total. For more information contact:

Our Faculty

The Visual Art & Design faculty are committed to being both leaders in the classroom and in their profession.

Study Tours

Study tours help to extend the classroom beyond the four walls of our University to help broaden the students education.

Imaging Services

Provides a number of valuable services to AU students and community members, including mounting, art and photography supplies, and rental of photography, film and video gear.

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